“With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility”

To be a hero, oh what I would give! Or at least that is what I think when I am watching Batman or Spiderman or Iron Man or Batman or Green Arrow (which by the way, is an absolutely addicting and rad show that I can’t seem to stop binge watching) or Dare Devil or Batman or Flash or Superman or…um…Batman.  Growing up I was always intrigued by the comic book realm.  The characters whether villains, heroes, or vigilantes ( I always gravitate towards the vigilantes), all have unique stories that explain their reasoning for choosing to have such complicated lives.  Some are driven by redemption, others revenge, and others by justice.  What makes them so attractive? I mean, besides the obvious muscles, leather suits and mysterious backgrounds, there is something that keeps you around, wanting more.  The suits, the masks, the weapons, the inhuman strength, all symbolize something people long for.  Hope.

The villains represent all those pesky issues that never go away.  Once we rid ourselves of Venom, Joker over here in Gotham just thinks it’s hilarious that we thought our problems were over and leave it to Boomerang to bring it all back around again.  People don’t always like to admit that this world is a darn scary place to live in.  It’s the times where Spiderman swoops in to catch us from falling into the ruin and Superman lifts up the brokenness around us and Batman sucker punches any problem that even thinks about standing in our way; it’s those times that we look to the heroes to be our only hope.  I like to think of God as that.  Maybe the reason why I am so attracted to superheroes and their backgrounds, their suits, their weapons  and their inhuman strength is because it gives me a physical picture of the way God works.  God swoops on in just in the nick of time to save us from the harm that this imperfect world dishes out on us.  Isn’t that what a hero does? They live in the muck and the mire in order to keep a close watch on their city and when they are needed, they will sacrifice everything in their power to keep the people of Gotham or Central city or Metropolis safe.  But, heroes need help.

To be a sidekick, oh how I would…well…hmm…they’re cool too… I mean if I think really hard about it, these trusty sidekicks can probably do triple the amount of cool stuff than I could ever pull off.  Batgirl is a hip chick right? What about good ol’ Robin? What a goof!  I’d say Arsenal is right on target when it comes to being Green Arrow’s sidekick.  If they weren’t important, they wouldn’t have been created in the first place!  And so, I guess I’ll be a sidekick.  In the heroism of life, I am here to be the physical picture of who God is; to remind  people of  the hope that is still ever so present.  If you look again, the world just might be as adventurous as the comics play it out to be.

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