Keeping it Relevant

Cherries are to Peaches as Kale is to Asparagus. (Fruits and Veggies)

Kit Kat bars are to Snickers bars as Chips Ahoy are to Oreos. (The Good Stuff)

Sunflowers are to Lilies as Grasshoppers are to Beetles. (The Great Outdoors)

Lets get deep.  Each line is relevant to the other or in other words, closely connected to each other.  You wouldn’t expect a carpenter to understand the luxury of hand-crafted food or a car mechanic to understand the mechanical techniques in a dance routine.  It would not be relevant to their profession.  What am I getting at, you ask?

The need to feel relevant or closely connected to the world around us has presented itself as a necessity in order to thrive in our day to day lives.  It screams at us in the face as we read magazines, listen to music, run errands, read blogs…like…this…, watch movies, and anything else that has to do with people and the voice they want to be heard.  It is important to be important to someone; to be relevant in someone else’s life.  It’s what keeps us going.  When I wake up, I know that if I were to end my life right there in that moment when the California summer sun is melting my desire to exist, I would be letting my family, friends, co workers, roommate, and who ever else I am relevant to, down; all the way down to Alaska’s icy waters that will have frozen everyone else’s ability to cope.

All this to say:

You are relevant.  If you don’t think so, that’s crap because I believe everyone is relevant.  Have I written that word enough to stress the fact that each individual is important to God, if no one else? Frankly, we should treat each individual with that in mind and frankly, I’m not doing the greatest job at it.  To top it off, my excuses for being selfish and condemning are lousy as can be.  So really, this is a good reminder, don’t you think?  Let the ones you love know that they are relevant in your life because in the end those pitiful excuses we pull make others feel  irrelevant in a life where we thrive off of being valued and feeling completely… well…relevant.

One thought on “Keeping it Relevant

  1. Wow. This is very true. Relevancy can be a major part of someone’s core identity. Therefore, can affect the loved ones around us. You gave this single word so much more the respect it deserves, great job!

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