See’s Candy is a wonderful business if you ask me.  I have not just one sweet tooth, but a full set of sweet teeth. Naturally, I walk into a See’s store and know exactly what I want.  Because of this, I’m not as adventurous to try the other delicate chocolate choices presented to me at the shop.  When I am offered a sample or a piece of chocolate from a friend, I am not always thrilled with the taste as I bite into it.  As Forrest Gump says, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.”  Welcome to my week of terrible pieces of chocolate.

Instead of biting into a sweet, melt in your mouth butterscotch square on my “relaxing” day off, I took a big ol’ bite of flat tire cherry almond crud.  Bless my car’s little engine, but all it gave me was a dark, peanut cluster mess of a smog check fail plus two more failed attempts to enjoy the darn piece of candy.  My bank account had the great idea to give me an orange truffle to rob me of both my money and my tatsebuds.  Life would have been so much sweeter  if I just had my chewy, yet creamy, chocolate love covered scotchmallow.   Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way.


With every bad piece of chocolate, there is always relief right around the corner; whether it be, just swallowing that awful candy and ridding yourself of the foul taste or it could be a brand new piece of candy to make you forget about the previous one.  Life is a process, a tasting room that can reveal so much about yourself and the strength you never thought you had to tough out those ugly flavors and to indulge in the fantastic flavors that make you view life with a great big smile.  Your favorite pieces of chocolate are out there and are continuing to be made.  Don’t stress those unexpected failures and rotten tasting chocolates of life, cause the decadent ones will make you forget all about the icky mess ups and dried up disappointments anyway.  Keep it sweet and simple. Okay?

2 thoughts on “Bittersweet

  1. Girl, you’re the metaphor queen! I love this so much, especially the part about how life is like a tasting room. Such imagery you implanted into my head. And by the way, I love scotchmallow too!


  2. Such simple insight and comparison makes the point….with delight! So…I don’t get chocolate covered cherries every Christmas! Love you so much…, Grandpa


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