To the Fullest

Could it be that we as people, are afraid of reaching our full potential? OR  Is it just that we don’t have enough self-confidence to get ourselves there?

Imagine for a moment if Martin Luther King Jr. chose to let his drive, his integrity and leadership skills sit on the shelf and watch through shaded blinds, innocent people struggle through extreme discrimination with no hope to look towards.  What about Michael Jackson?  Imagine the pop icon of our country deciding that the moon walk should never make a debut on Earth and Dirty Diana was never really dirty enough to write a song about. What would weddings be without those foot slidin’ tunes?! (A tragedy) I could write about numerous people who have caught hold of their passions and pushed through thick and thin and have changed the world we live in.

It’s a breeze for me to see the great potential in someone else.  When I find out that they are not using it or do not realize what they have or are too discouraged by the media or the successful people around them or whatever it is, I. Am. Dumbfounded. How.. W..Why?..Are..You…KiDDing Me? This is when I have to contain my emotions and remind myself that becoming frustrated with their reservations to taking the next step will not be of any help.

Every individual has their makeup of talents and passions.  Every individual is unique.  So, wouldn’t it make sense that every individual has something different to offer?  Yes, maybe there are a lot of dancers or a lot of chefs or electricians or pool cleaners or dental assistants or veterinarians or football players, but ain’t none of them are exactly the same, nor do they have the same exact knowledge or movement or understanding of life.  What I’m trying to say is that if it is a lack of confidence, just know that every individual has something different to offer, so don’t be intimidated to share what you got!  Susie Q may like an artist with simple strokes and sweet inspiration, where Edgar H. may like an artist with rough outlines and twisted themes.

Living life to the fullest shouldn’t be a scary venture.  It makes me think of schooling; college specifically.  Okay, so you get your AA. Check. (For me, that’s about it) BA, here we go! Masters? Whew! Doctorate? Well I’m already here, so why not??  Now you have your doctorate and you’ve studied for years and you never thought the day would come to where you would be finished with school.  It’s been a dream for so long that it hardly feels like reality.  I dream about what I want to do in the future and I have passions that I want to pursue, but it’s kind of nice keeping them in my dream cloud.  Up in the clouds, nothing bad will happen and mistakes do not exist.  Ah, but if our dream to reach our full potential comes true, it becomes reality and reality is far from perfect.  That’s what scares the heck out of me.  Reaching for all that we can be can change the world, but it’s not a one man show, so don’t leave me hangin’.

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