I’m So Fancy

Dare to be different. What happens when different is in,and what used to be in, is now out because no one wants to be in now, they want to be different which is now in, so what’s IN and OUT  exactly? (I’m not talking about burgers) Who gives a crap? So many people do, but why oh why?  Scratch all of it and think about this: Every form of media has its own way of showing the public the new hairstyles, clothes, food, even dumb little catch phrases (and YOLO my friends has died to its fame and has been replaced with 50 billion other phrases that are just as useless),makeup, cars, phones, and pretty much any other material thing out there.  If you look at technology these days, you will notice it is rapidly developing.  I am just one of the many consumers that is experiencing what it has to offer.  I just upgraded from an iPhone 5c to a 6s. Yep, who’s fancy now?  But, next year, I’m just gonna be with poor little “YOLO”…lame and outdated (not that there was a time where “YOLO” wasn’t lame).  Material objects do not last.  Neither does the happiness or satisfaction that we feel when we have them.

Keeping up with the times and trying to stay hip as each new season comes, is exhausting and not worth it.  Ready for the cheesy line? Here it comes…

Keep up with yourself.  Remind yourself of your passions, your hopes, and dreams.  When you are in on all the details about yourself and comfortable with them, you will be able to live your life a bit more confidently and won’t care about the newest styles and whether or not high-waisted pants look good on you or whether you can grow an oddly curly and perfectly gelled mustache.  Those things just won’t matter as much.  There is also nothing wrong with indulging in all of the new fads, just remember that if you can’t stand DIY and hate all those hole in the wall coffee shops, nobody will give you a fix-it ticket and if they try, tell them to read this.

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