You’ve Got Mail

Today, I choose to procrastinate.  In my mind, I’m still being productive because I am writing this to you; whoever you may be.

Dear You,

The weather over here is perfect right now.  The skies have just enough gloom in them to give the day a sense of mystery.  It is also Sunday, which is my favorite day.  I have a pitcher filled with fresh flowers from the farmer’s market to my left and am currently wearing the best sweatpants that I have ever owned.  My candle is lit in the corner and my room is clean.  It sounds lame, but for me, I consider it peaceful and am so thankful my crazy busy week gets to end like this.

I know your Sunday does not quite look or feel like mine.  This “letter” is to encourage you today.

I’ve experienced some days where I feel like life does not have meaning and that my life specifically is unproductive and will never really make a difference to anyone.  That is not a fun place to be.  Maybe that is how your week has been, or maybe that is exactly how your Sunday is going.

But guess what?! I have discovered that life is so much more than what our tiny little human brains can comprehend.  Sometimes taking one day at a time can be much more effective than stressing out about your entire life within a 24 hour time span.

Artists create pieces of work stroke by stroke.  Each day can be considered a stroke and by the end of our lives, our days will create a beautiful piece of art not only for people to see, but to experience.  Embrace the peace, the pain, or the frustration.  Embrace it all and know that tomorrow you will have the opportunity to begin your next stroke.  Don’t forget to look back and acknowledge the picture you have already begun to create.  It’s probably much more magnificent than you remember it being.

As I sit here and write this, I thank God for guiding my strokes every day, because without His grace, I wouldn’t be able to see the beauty He has created throughout my life.

As you sit there, I hope you can see all the beauty your life has shared and how much more you can offer as the days go by.

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