I’ll Pass on the Pie

They’re expecting a baby next spring, she’s expecting to graduate, I’m expecting to have the same car forever (this one is unrealistic due to my recent accident…), he is expecting a kiss after this date, little Bozo the dog, is expecting a treat after he fetches the ball.  There are so many expectations that people and animals! have in life.  With expectations, come many disappointments.Being a person with high expectations, I usually become very disappointed with the unexpected outcomes.

For example: Every single time I attempt to make a pie from complete scratch, I have a vision in my head of the most perfect pie that could ever be created on planet earth.  The crust is molded so carefully that each indent radiates a golden point of perfection and the woven lattices are so artfully laid out that the partaker will swoon over the appearance for at least 20 minutes.  The filling is smooth, sweet and with each bite will warm every heart attending the experience of eating my pie.  HA! Like that has ever actually happened. Usually it is more like this: I slave over getting the easiest pie crust ever recipe to be the right consistency and then witness it shrink in the oven.  When I add the slimy pie filling, it overflows to create a pool of sloppy goop on the bottom of the oven which then burns and fills the house with a grey hue of stank.  I will then open all the windows and doors and gracefully excuse myself to go have a good cry.

I have learned that expecting perfection will not make for an enjoyable life.  I am also not saying that you should not have any expectations because you still need to give yourself some credit and know that you deserve the best!  Life is on no one’s side.  It’s that thing that just happens without warning.  When we expect certain things to just fall into place and bank on the fact that it will be the best thing that has ever happened to us, we are really just setting ourselves up for disaster.  Disappointment is discouraging and we have to be aware that it is okay to be just okay.  Things may not turn out perfect, but they can still be good enough and good enough is okay with me.

You know what is even more comforting than that? As a Christian I can be at peace knowing that God will never disappoint.  Even if it seems like He’s definitely screwing my life up, I look again at all the past times I thought that, and realized that I made most of the terrible choices that got me there in the first place and saw that God continued to take care of me and now I am here telling you, that good enough is enough.  Also, I make better cheesecake than pie.

3 thoughts on “I’ll Pass on the Pie

  1. Awesome post there Brooklynn. I love the way God never disappoints. If the pie turns out bad scoop it into a bowl & top with ice cream. Whala! Love ya girlie! May God bless your socks off!


    1. A friend of mone (Bob Locke) calls us “trench dweller.” Recall the life of Jesus…our best example of a trench dweller who never let all the negatives that came across His life to get Him down. So each day I do “My utmost for H6s highest. ” Brooke! You are becoming an awesome writer! I am so proud of you.


  2. I struggle with the same desire of perfection but have to realize I will work to be my best but cannot be perfect. Thankfully God IS perfect yet loves us imperfect children of His as He helps us to reach HIS potential for us…..in spite of ours our mistakes in life 😊


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