Wait Time: Unknown


If you haven’t noticed yet, it’s Christmastime again! It’s very frustrating to me that with each year the holiday cheer comes a little earlier.  I’m pretty sure I started seeing Santa hobbling around before Halloween.  Let’s just have everyone calm down and give Thanksgiving a chance, shall we? Maybe it’s because no one likes to wait for anything. I sure don’t.

I went to my cousin’s wedding this past weekend and had just a grand ol’ time.  Instead of signing the guestbook, they had guests take polaroid pictures of themselves.  Once the picture printed from the camera, I found myself waving that thing around like it was on fire wondering when the darn picture would show up.  I was unnecessarily impatient and then it hit me.

I cannot wait for anything without complaining or making a fuss about it.  Every year I snoop under the Christmas tree hardcore and usually am able to figure out what my presents are (I act like a child, I know).  I drive faster than I need to, I eat like the world is going to blow up if I don’t finish my meal in 30 seconds, and I lose my complete mind waiting in the lines at Disneyland.  On top of that, our society is so incredibly technologically advanced now, that we don’t really have to wait for anything longer than .1 second and if we do, God forbid, we go bizerk.  We are spoiled and expect instant gratification with everything we do. There is Instagram, instant rice, cup a noodles, and other instant things I cannot think of that all tell us that waiting is a thing of the past.

Don’t believe it! Patience has its benefits. It sucks to wait, I know. I feel like I’ve been lollygagging around for too long waiting for my life to fall into place (which by the way, life doesn’t work out like that, but that’s for another post). Good things take time. Rushing to get something done ends up taking more time because the important details are usually missed and you have to do it a second time. If I didn’t rush in school when I was little and actually took my time to learn how to write, maybe I wouldn’t have 12- year old boy writing.  Now, I have to accept the consequence of that and endure the squiggles I like to call words.

There are many times we must wait.  It’s much easier said than done, but looking back, all of the things I have sat and waited for patiently have been so worth it (even all those stupid In’N Out burgers I sat in line for). The best things in life take a little time. Expecting instant gratification in those moments would be like biting into a very sour lemon or an avocado that is still as hard as a rock and tastes like grass…I’ve experienced that and it is not enjoyable. But oh man when the fruit is ripe or the burger is hot, or the picture finally comes to life, it is going to be tasty and definitely worth the wait. If you disagree, that’s okay. No one is stopping you from eating that microwaveable Big Mac.

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