Nap Time

One of my favorite things to do while I’m sitting in a church service is people watch, more specifically watch people fall asleep. I’ve always found sleeping humans to be hilarious. I used to be a weird little girl and take pictures of them while they were off in la-la-land, but now I write about it instead.
I have two recent instances that are worth telling you about. The first was on Christmas Eve this year.  It was an 11pm service and I spotted a young man across the room from me who looked like he was forced to come to the service and could not keep his head up or eyes open if his life depended on it. It was during worship that it was the best. While everyone else was clapping their hands to the joyous Christmas carols, he was standing with his eyes closed and head drooped as if he just heard the sweetest lullaby (which he probably did since we were singing Christmas carols).  I hope one day I can sleep standing up like he did because he was quite the professional. His balance was incredible. As my mind wandered, my eyes kept turning towards him and each time he was continuing to fight the battle of staying awake. HA. It was great.

The second instance was last night. I was at a 6pm service this time. I looked across the room and again I saw a young man, but this time with his wife. He had his arm around her as they were listening to the message. It was a quick moment; his head began to droop and his eyes shut. He caught himself very quickly, bounced his head back up turned to his wife making sure she didn’t see him napping (she didn’t) and continued to turn his attention towards the message.

I know for a fact I have been one of those people falling asleep in service. On numerous accounts that has been me and my mom or brother or whoever has to nudge me and continue to do so the rest of the time. I now realize that many people are turned off by that tendency. And so, they don’t attend church  because it is boring and people fall asleep. Hey, that is a great reason, if you are going to sleep, why not just stay in bed?

Here’s the thing. People get tired and fall asleep. I’ve been known to fall asleep everywhere (not standing up yet…standing sleeping man, teach me your ways!).  There is a reason people attend church. It is because they know a God that is worth sitting in a service for and worth losing some sleep for. When you love Him that much, a church service is not just a service anymore. It becomes a time of learning and growing and encouragement to live a fuller life than when you came. It is there to help you and remind you of how good God is. Life gets busy and exhausting and service can turn into a great nap time. Just remember it is not the only thing that it is good for.

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