Ambitiously Beautifying

Waiting On the World to Change- John Mayer

Thank you John Mayer for your dreamy voice to introduce this post. If this fellow isn’t quite your cup of tea, you may have to get over it just this one time.

“I’m going to be president one day and fix the world.” Yes, I was an ambitious child and would like to think the ambition I possessed is still somewhere inside of me.  However, my career goals have changed just a bit.

The past couple of weeks I have been seriously considering enrolling in beauty school; more specifically, the skin care program. Never in a million years would I ever expect myself to think, say, or write that idea out.

Side Note: Part of an Esthetician’s job is to extract the nasty built up dirt and puss buried deep beneath the skin on someone’s face and let me tell you, there ain’t nothin’ pretty about that.


Here is the thought I have been struggling with: Since I was just a tiny, sassy thing and fast forward to today where I am a little bit of a grown up sassy thing, I have always felt the deepest need to monumentally change the world.  In the past 3 ish years that I have been out of high school, I have been waiting for THE brilliant idea to drop in my lap and give me all the answers on how to go about executing my ambitious goal.  Well, no such thing has happened yet. I have now (FINALLY!) kind of learned that life doesn’t work like that. Instead, I discovered something that I am interested in ( yes, that would be the “getting the nasty dirt out of people’s faces” thing).

Maybe that is okay. Maybe it could change the world. Maybe cleaning someone’s face of all the muck they trudge through on the daily will give them a fresh outlook on themselves and their life. Maybe that natural beauty they have will be able to shine a little brighter and give them that boost of confidence to want to change their world too. Maybe I can help them recognize that their inner beauty is what makes them beautiful on the outside too. Maybe I can help them see what God sees when He looks at them. Maybe that is what changing the world will look like for me.

However, I’m still trying to grasp this idea.  Life does not have to be bright, shiny, and glamorous or loud, proud and famous to be impactful.  You wanna know why? Me too…but I got a hunch that it has something to do with simply living our lives to the best of our abilities knowing that THE brilliant idea we are waiting for to fall in our lap doesn’t actually exist. What does exist, is a capable God who can take our seemingly small attempts to change our world and actually do just that. One. Step. At. A. Time.

With that, I will clean all those blackhead infested faces I can get my hands on.

One thought on “Ambitiously Beautifying

  1. I totally sympathize with this. I too have always wanted to “change the world.” For me at this moment that is becoming a teacher. But YES God can take that and run. Praying you find peace in your decision. ❤


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