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It’s 9pm on Sunday night and it is my bedtime. I am living the life of a Starbucks barista and have to wake up at ungodly hours. However, I have been inconsistent with my blog posts and realized it has almost been a month since I have un-raveled my brain on here. You are welcome in advance.

“I’m not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it.” -Niccolo Machiavelli

Right?! Goodness. Sir Machiavelli, thank you. Thank you for recognizing that the status quo is overrated. I’m not much for politics and do not have enough knowledge to present a case concerning political status, but isn’t it interesting how important status is though? AND…what exactly is the status quo?

Here is what trusty ol’ Google says it is:

the current situation : the way things are now”

Ex.- He is content with the status quo and does not like change.

Ex- She wants to maintain the status quo. [to keep the situation as it is now]

Umm. Change is uncomfortable, but it is necessary in order to grow. Let’s try and rethink this “status quo” shall we?

I don’t think its fair to look at a person, learn their status in society and then make a judgment based off of that. A person is more than where they work, the dollar amount in their bank account, their living quarters, and even their family background. To fully know and understand someone, you have to look past their success on paper and look at the success in their heart.

So what if so and so works at Mc Donald’s. They are a huge company and there are tons of people who are employed there. Mc Donald’s is one of the first places that comes up when telling someone where NOT to end up when they are older or even in their present day life. Think about it. Those employees must work their butts off in that grease infested backroom while breathing in chemically enhanced burger things and freezer burned chicken patties. Yet, they must present themselves as if they work at a five star restaurant and greet every single darn customer with a smile. So tip em’ well would ya?

Good work ethic and determination can be found in all sorts of places. Yes that also includes business offices, mechanic shops, Baskin Robbins, and hopefully even the white house! In my opinion, that is what counts. It is the people that work hard and are determined to reach their goals that are the ones that can overthrow the twisted status quo that society has created and stuck with.

Don’t be embarrassed of your success on paper. Be proud of the success you have made in your life as a whole. If your heart is genuine and true and you are able to get up off that butt of yours and do something about pursuing your passions and goals, then we just may have a chance to overthrow that pesky “status quo”.

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