Sunny Side Up

I have just recently discovered the beauty of digging around in the dirt with the worms and other nasty bugs in order to plant new life. Exactly a week ago, I planted various herbs and such in my backyard to use for whatever my heart desires. What I am most excited about though, are the sunflower seeds I planted. You know why?  Cause I love sunflowers! and it has been a baby dream of mine to grow my own. This morning I went outside and to my utter delight, I saw sprouts! I don’t grow things, I usually kill those poor plant/seed orphans that I adopt, but the gracious God above gave them life this time! And…here is the point of my post:

It’s those little tiny sunflower sprouts that pop up in life that keep us going. Or it should be. It is much easier to stare at the empty dirt where no seeds have sprouted and then cry hoping that your tears will make them grow. Well, they won’t.

For instance, as I write, I have also been baking oatmeal cookies. I was excited because it was a healthyish hip recipe and then I took a bite of one and it was nasty and doughy and bland and disappointing. If I just focused on those stupid cookies right now, it would probably ruin my night (yes, I am that dramatic). BUT! I will not do that because by tomorrow morning, those cookies will be a thing of the past and my baby sunflowers will continue to grow and shine over the empty dirt patches.

Holding onto those small tokens of hope can make all the difference. You actually have to open your eyes to them though. When I went outside to look at my garden, I had to squat down real close to the ground, tilt my head sideways and place my hands in the dirt to keep my balance in order to actually see the little sprouts. It takes a little effort, but the smile at the end is worth it, don’t you think?

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