Maybe Tomorrow…

All hail the queen of procrastination! No, but really, I excel in this skill. Through this, I have discovered how easy it is for stress to develop.  I will explain this to you using my mature skills in this glorious field of procrastination.

First Step: Being assigned a task or project to complete by a certain time.

Second Step: Looking at the assignment and then quickly putting it away because you have just enough time to watch an episode of Daredevil on Netflix.

Third Step: Make sure to think about the assignment the following day, but don’t start a darn thing.

Fourth Step: Plan to begin the assignment after work, but be rudely interrupted by the need for sleep.

Fifth Step: Get everything out and settle in your cozy bed and chip away at the easy stuff first.

Sixth Step: Well shoot. Inspiration has hit and you must write a new post on your blog for those 24 faithful people who actually read it.

All the steps from here will be a bit of a blur, but will look something like this:

I have NO time tomorrow…but I already made plans…it wont take me THAT long…I’m SO hungry…let me check to see if anyone has read my blog…it’s raining? cool!…tea sounds good right about now…oh shoot I have to PRESENT this project?…I think I’m going to cry now… maybe some exercise will get me pumped…but NOW I need a shower…

It amazes me that I never learn from the stress procrastination gives me. One small excuse leads to another and then all of a sudden, it’s crunch time and my palms start sweating and my eyes start melting off my face and I start realizing that I made really dumb choices in the opportunities where I had time to work. At the end of the day, I have no one to blame but myself.

Its easy to turn around and point fingers at every other person or event that was around during our time of bad decision making. When all is over though, the choices we make will affect us. When we are in situations where we know what we are doing is harmful to ourselves, but continue to follow through with it, we are the ones to blame. You can’t learn from your mistakes by blaming others and you definitely will not accomplish a darn thing if you ignore the choices you are making.

This is one of the biggest ways, we create stress for ourselves. I pull this kind of crap ALL. THE. TIME. Like now for instance. I’m hoping this will nudge me just as much as I hope it nudges you. Stress builds as we build on a foundation of faulty decisions. However, if we just take one simple step each day and chip away at our “projects” (whatever they may be) with efficiency, we could come out on the other end with less grey hairs and more productivity…(or more time to watch Daredevil).





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