Natural Sparkle


This past month has been a flurry of no sleep, too much work, and an uncontainable amount of fEEEEling  I have learned during this time that there are mistakes that I have made that I never thought myself capable of. This is not for you to throw me a pity party(unless there is chocolate involved). In fact, I’m here to share with you an obvious revelation that I experienced.Strength has nothing to do with how well you can hold your tears in or how easy it is for you to pick up the million little pieces of your life without breaking a sweat. Strength, in my opinion, is being open about the mess you have made or live in. I’m not saying  you have to go running around town crying and lighting things on fire while you inhale a gallon of ice cream, but what I am saying, is that it takes a lot of guts to admit your wrongs and embrace the reactions you receive from others.

Just a couple weeks ago, my grandma and I  went to visit my mom in  Arizona to celebrate both my birthday and Mother’s day. Let me tell you, Arizona is much more than desert! I have proof! Here!



Looking out into the world beyond me really put things into perspective. A view as beautiful as that can only physically be seen if you are on top of the mountain.  Yes, I hate hiking, and yes, we were able to drive up the mountain in this case. However, there are mountains that are not as easy and this is so cliché, but I have a point! One of the reasons I hate hiking are all those dumb rocks I have to step over and all the plants that usually hit me in the face or the fact that I get all hot and sweaty and super grumpy. Okay, so that was more than one reason, but that sweat! That sweat is strength! Sweat is hard to hide, just like mistakes are hard to hide and the more you cover up, the more you sweat. That isn’t strength. That is just harming yourself. Reaching the top is such a reward though. The breeze that circles around you refreshes your body and the view refreshes your mind. That sweat I hate so much, had to come out in order to clear out the toxins (the pain) in my skin (my heart)….get it?!

Everyone has gross bodily functions of some sort just like everyone has gross mistakes of some sort. It’s kind of really normal, so just sweat it the heck out!


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