It’s Time to Dust

Well well well, look who decided to write again!

Let’s see if this is helpful to anyone…and if so…I definitely would not mind if you shared it with all of your dear friends!

As I have established in previous posts, I do not have admirable patience. This would probably be one of the main reasons that I pick at scabs and breakouts that are not fully healed and then cause even more messed up scabs and breakouts that take twice as long to disappear off of my face and body.

Healing takes time and I don’t do well with things that take time ( maybe I should work on that).

I observe the events in my life very carefully because I like to know why I am reacting certain ways and handling situations with certain attitudes. Currently, I find myself in a time of long-awaited healing. The dust has settled on many of the areas in my life and it is now time for me to assess the damage done and polish off those dusty pieces in my heart.

Here is what I have learned thus far:

1.) Let the wound air out.

-Find someone to talk about the pain with. Tell them how you were injured and how bad it hurts. You’ll feel unprotected and vulnerable, but it becomes uglier when it is smothered under a temporary Band-Aid (key word: TEMPORARY. You gotta let it breathe at some point!)

2.) Don’t you dare pick at it!

(This is where I find myself at the moment)

-My grandma always yells at me when she catches me picking at my face. Wounds do not heal properly if you are constantly messing with it. Steer clear of it. Do not be tempted to go out and do the same thing that got you injured in the first place.

3. Be patient. (Ugh. I know. It’s the worst!)

-There are many steps in the process of healing. The process can be different for each person and the type of wound that they are dealing with. A universal truth about healing though, is that it is going to take some time. Having the patience to let yourself go though the steps is tough. It is important to take some serious time to examine the hurts you have and let is scab and be ugly and then maybe even let it leave a scar. By the end of it all, (and you’ll know if you did it right!) you will feel a peace and sense of strength that before taking the necessary steps to heal, you did not know you were capable of feeling.

I’m writing this as a reminder for me in my time of healing and hopefully a reminder for you when you feel the need to pick at that nasty scab. That just prolongs the process and ain’t nobody got time for that. Am I right? (The answer is YES.)











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