Inside Out

Oh, why hello there, stranger. Long time no talk. How about we sit and chat for a bit?

I am in my third month of beauty school. I must say, I have been having a blast learning all I need to know to acquire my esthetician’s license. However, it has been a constant struggle for me to grasp some of the views that are presented in my curriculum.

Here is a statement I came across while dong my homework that was bothersome to me: “Society is now flooded with information on medical aesthetics. It is part of modern society’s continued quest for instant gratification and maintaining physical beauty.”

You may be thinking, “Brooklynn, you’re in beauty school, what did you expect??” And by golly jeepers, that is what I’m thinking too!

BUT My hope is to represent the rare beauty that comes from the inside that will bring about a new confidence to those who have been searching for instant results in their physical appearance.

For this reason, I am in beauty school (also because I like popping pimples, but that is besides the point).

I leave you with this question in hopes that it will encourage you to take initiative to live a more “inside out” kind of life.

What would our society look like if we put as much effort into our inward appearance  as we do to our outward appearance?




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