I Believe in Santa

Happy Dressember day 14!

Recap thus far: I don’t like wearing dresses or asking for money.

You know what I hate even more though? I hate the solitary mindset of individuals who don’t believe they can change a darn thing in the world. It comes naturally as humans to be followers of a greater power. We have such high expectations for those in leadership positions.

Take the president for example: every election feels like doomsday for one party or another. Why? It is because we believe that they are the single key to our country’s outcome. But they are just ONE person. Human.

How about a pastor of a mega church? We compare them to God and expect them to live perfect lives and to never disappoint or make the same foolish mistakes we do. HA! They are just ONE person! Human. Definitely not God.

Santa. I mean c’mon. Santa is a savior for parents during the holidays. Who else is going to make their kids behave? Most of the population knows this guy ain’t even real! In our material world, he is the face of Christmas.  How did this happen? We chose to believe in something bigger than we were and we followed right behind.

We have leaders to lead us and they are important and valued.

Leaders cannot be leaders unless they have followers. Followers follow because they choose to believe in something bigger than just themselves. We have such high expectations in leaders because they are leading us in something we know we cannot accomplish on our own. That does not mean that our leader is going to accomplish it on their own. We must play our part or else how do you think change will actually come about?

As a Christian, I also must play my part. I consider myself a disciple of Christ. That means I must be the physical example of Christ’s love He has for us. People won’t understand this love if there is no one there to share it. Are you beginning to see how this works?

I am only ONE person. Human. You are only ONE person. Human. Now there are TWO! Now imagine if we both played our part and stood up for what we believe in? Change would happen. It is happening. Let’s continue to make it happen. Believe in something bigger than yourself and believe that you are a significant part of that. Believe that we as a people couldn’t do it without you. Believe in it like a child believes in Santa.

This is why I participate in Dressember. I believe that we as a people can join together and change the world and end sex trafficking. If you would like to join or support me, click on the link below.


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