Please Don’t Touch My Face


I know several people who do not like for their faces to be touched, but I urge you to set their comments aside! If you are one of those people, let’s reconsider this strong dislike of touch to the face, shall we?

I figured the best launch of a skincare blog is to talk about the benefits of a facial, DUH!

The Number One benefit of a facial in my personal opinion,  is that it is actually improving your physical health! You aren’t just lying around letting someone rub a bunch of creams onto your face while you take a nice little nap. You will actually leave with a better feeling body. Why?

The STEAM (if used), not only softens your skin, but it is capable of clearing out your sinuses; letting you breathe again. This is extra beneficial during allergy season which happens to be right now!

The MASSAGE aspect of a facial feels quite nice. However, it actually has a more meaningful purpose. A face massage increases blood circulation and removes toxins which in return, brings color back into that face of yours!  When using specific techniques, a lymphatic drainage facial massage detoxes and reduces puffiness in the body. Massage also helps the products you are using go deeper into the skin to better perform their job.

The PRODUCTS are used to improve your skin’s health. Obviously! Did you know that your skin is the easiest way to determine the state of someone’s physical health? Yup. So let’s take care of it inside and out!

What’s Number Two you ask? A facial is a mood booster. The aromas, the peaceful setting, the act of being “beautified” are all there to stimulate your emotions and lift your spirits.

IMG_0037AROMATHERAPY is commonly used during facials. Many skincare products are infused with essential oils to induce relaxation or stimulation depending on the outcome you are going for.  I personally use them and am a true believer in the positive effects they have on your mental and emotional health.

Lastly… about naps! Facials are quite relaxing and it is common for clients to fall asleep on the facial bed. It is a time for you to be pampered and that is exactly what you are getting. IMG_0039

So indulge yourself.



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