Magic Hair


Castor oil comes from the crushed seeds of the ricinus communis plant.

Fun Fact: The plant is poisonous! BUT this is only because of the ricin content that is in the plant. Due to the unstable molecule that it is, ricin is very easy to extract from the castor oil itself. Watch this video to nerd out more!

Aside from this super random piece of info, castor oil has some unique qualities that can help your hair grow. The application is quite simple too! You must remember that if you want to see results, consistency is key.

The most common and probably the only place you want extra hair to grow, is on your eyelashes, eyebrows, and from your hair roots.  All you have to do is massage it in the area before bed and then wash it off in the morning if there is any residue left. Don’t be alarmed by its sticky consistency, that is normal. I  put the oil in an empty mascara tube and use the wand to apply it. For even better results, massage it in the areas for about a minute so it can penetrate deeper.  It goes on just as you would apply mascara or shade in your eyebrows. As long as you do this nightly, results can start showing after 2-4 weeks. Castor oil also works great as an intense hydrating hair mask! If you aren’t much of a diy person, I make sample tubes and sell them for $2. Email me if you are interested in purchasing one 😉

I suggest buying castor oil at Whole Foods or another credible health food store. The quality is likely to be higher and more reliable than buying a bottle from an online website. The price ranges from about $10-$20 a bottle.

I did manage to find a decent brand on Amazon. Just make sure you do your research!

As far as whether you should use Jamaican Black Castor Oil or just regular Pure Castor Oil, that is really up to you. The main differences are the color (obviously) and the smell. The black castor oil has a much more potent smell that is not necessarily appealing to everyone. They both do the job, so take your pick! I use the Pure Castor Oil.

Take before and after pictures so you can keep track of your results!

Happy hair growing 🌾



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