Spring is upon us! The flowers are beginning to bloom and the sun is making it’s yearly debut! 

For this month, I have concocted a 4-ingredient face mask to brighten your skin! 

The Bright Tighty Whitey Face Mask

Let’s take a look at these ingredients: 

1.) 1 Egg White : As the egg white dries on your skin, it will begin to tighten it and when rinsed off, you will see smaller pores too.

2.) One spoonful of Plain Yogurt: Yogurt has both brightening and moisturizing properties. 

3.) One spoonful of Honey: Honey has brightening, moisturizing and antibacterial qualities. 

4.) 1/8 teaspoon of Ground Turmeric: Turmeric is an excellent antibacterial which makes it great for treating those stubborn       pimples! It is also a brightening agent and can work as a mild exfoliant too!

All you have to do to make this mask is whisk it all together! It will take a couple minutes to get it to a well mixed consistency. The egg whites will not completely combine with the yogurt, but it is nothing to worry about!

Next thing to do is put it on your face! You can apply it with a fan brush, a face sponge, q-tips, your fingers, or whatever else you would like! Leave it on for about 10-15 minutes. Within that time, you will see the turmeric color become more apparent and you will feel your skin tighten a tad as the egg white dries. The smell is….. unique🦄, but worth the end result! 

Next, remove the mask with warm water. Make sure to rinse it off really well. The turmeric will leave a bit of orange residue behind. Always remember to TONE ( this will take the remaining turmeric color off) and MOISTURIZE after using any mask! 




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