A Sight For Sore Eyes

Life can be tiresome, don’t you agree? 

Since I have become an Esthetician, one of the most frequently asked questions I have received is: “How do I get rid of the dark circles and bags under my eyes?” 

Well party people, here is your answer! 

I am going to share with you a simple home remedy that I stumbled upon. 

GREEN TEA and LEMON 🍋Ice Cubes

You will need:

Ice tray

Purified or Distilled Water 

2 Green Tea bags

1/4 tsp. Fresh lemon juice

How To: 

 Brew a cup of green tea using both tea bags. Make enough to fill your ice tray. Let the tea cool to room temperature and stir in the lemon. Fill your ice tray and put in the freezer until frozen. 

Whenever your eyes are feeling puffy or you are having a serious case of raccoon eyes, pop out an ice cube and gently rub around your eye area for about a minute or so. 

The GREEN TEA 🍵 is packed full of antioxidants that will enrich your skin and reduce inflammation. 

LEMON 🍋 works as a great natural brightener. If your eyes are more on the sensitive side, feel free to exclude the lemon juice or use a smaller amount of it because it is a more potent ingredient.

ICE is great for waking up and tightening your skin and reduces inflammation. 

Next time you are feeling sleepy or are trying to make up for lost sleep, try this out! 



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