It’s almost summer! 

Do you know what I have observed in the summer? LACK OF SUNSCREEN. I have a mask that will cater to your sunburned skin this month. The best way to avoid a sunburn is to wear your SPF, but if you are too stubborn for that, at least you’ll have a cooling mask that will make you feel better afterwards! But…. please wear SPF. The reason? That is for another post😉

COOL YOUR JETS after sun face mask:


1 Tbsp. Yogurt ( I use Greek Honey Yogurt)

1 tsp.  Coconut oil 

1 tsp.  Aloe Vera gel ( from the actual plant is even better!) 

2 slices of cucumber for your lovely eyes 👀 
How To: 

Whisk everything together! Coconut oil will mix better if melted and cooled first.

Leave the mask on for about 10 minutes or so. Put cucumbers over your eyes for an extra bit of dreaminess. 

And voila!

I like to finish with my favorite moisturizer by Rita Mqueen Skincare. It works great for sunburns too! 

Check it out here👇🏼



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