Rita McQueen Skincare

There is an overwhelming amount of skincare products on the market and boy oh boy, I struggle to keep up on all of it! As an Esthetician, I am exposed to an even bigger range of professional brands too. I am not here to tell you that I’ve found the product that cures all. I am here to encourage you to invest in your skincare. 

The common person will usually buy their skincare products at a drugstore. These products are mass produced and the companies can get away with A LOT. They are packed full of chemicals☠️ and unnecessary fillers. On the opposite side of the spectrum, high end organic lines come in tiny packaging and the cost 💵of using these products will rob you silly. They feel fantastic and are dreamy for your skin, but let’s be realistic, rent money comes first🏡. 

As a small time entrepreneur of sorts, I love supporting small businesses. I love getting to know the owners and the passion they have for their business is inspiring! Whether it is skincare or tea or a service of some sort, the love is real.💞 

I learned about Rita McQueen Skincare while I was in beauty school. Shannon ( owner ) came to share her product line with us students. She has a special story behind her business and truly loves it. I purchased a bundle of products from her and loved all of them!  

Rita McQueen is a great affordable way to experience a skincare line that is made with safer ingredients to use on your skin. 

Here are 7 products that I believe work well and have been most popular on their website. 

They are as follows:

Click on each of these products to learn more about them on the Rita McQueen Website. If you are interested in any of their other products and would like to purchase them, use the coupon code sincerely15% in the checkout to receive 15% off your online order! You are welcome 💁🏻

1.) A’loofa Cleanser  –  Exfoliating face wash that is gentle enough to be used daily. This is a popular wash among the men! 

2.) Timu Mandelic Alpha Hydroxy Cleanser– Gentle, lathering face wash that works to even out skin tone while removing impurities.

3.) Strawberry Almond Scrub– 🍓My Favorite🍓 A sweet smelling scrub that can be used up to 3x a week to exfoliate dead skin away by using almond meal that will not scrape the skin. It leaves you with glowing, polished skin. 

4.) Clay Mint Mask– A montmorillonite clay based mask that will draw impurities and oil out to leave your skin feeling fresh with minimized pores and supple skin. This is great for acne prone skin! 

5.) SeaGen Collagen Moisturizer– A moisturizer that will maintain elasticity in the skin as well as give hydration to any skin type. It also helps protect against free-radical damage. 

6.) Ginseng Night Cream –  A lightweight powerful night cream that is packed full of healing properties that aid in healing cuts, burns and blemishes. 

7.) Timu Coconut Oil– This moisturizing oil smells like paradise and feels like heaven. It contains 6 oils to leave your skin oh so smooth and glowy. 

If you have already invested in your skincare and have found a brand that works for you, I applaud you! Keep taking care of that precious skin of yours! 

If you haven’t splurged on your skincare and think it’s time…try out Rita McQueen! 


Brooklynn 🌻

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