Dermaplaning Wha??

I was just recently asked about dermaplaning recently by a friend and I did not even know this was a popular thing! In a short description, dermaplaning is a procedure in which you take a tiny razor type tool and shave off your dead skin. I do NOT advise you just go out and buy a razor and shave your entire face. Although, I’m sure many of you already do 😫.

This type of procedure is considered a manual exfoliation. The results are incredible.  First off, it takes unwanted hair off! Secondly, it shaves away the microscopic dead skin hanging out all over your face.

This is what the tool looks like:



There are sevral different brands you can choose from. I’m going to give it a try with one that runs for about $15 on Amazon. Anyone can purchase this, but as an esthetician, I would recommend letting a professional perform this on you. The skin should be prepped properly and the procedure itself has specific techniques that need to be implemented.

Here is a video to give you an idea of what the procedure looks like:
I most definitley am looking forward to giving this a try. Maybe a possible new facial option coming in the future??




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