Come Clay With Me

It is a common misconception that clay masks are only for those that have oily skin. Friends, this is not true!

There are several different kinds of clay and each one has different benefits for the skin.

Here is a simple list to start you on your clay mask adventure:

1.) Bentonite Clay (made from volcanic ash) -This clay is an all- star for stubborn breakouts and out of control, oily skin.

2.) Kaolin Clay (originally discovered in China and is primarily made from the decomposition of the mineral feldspar)  – This clay comes in a variety of colors such as, pink, white, and yellow. These clays work well for skin that is a bit more sensitive, but still breakout prone.

3.) Rassoul Clay-  (Comes from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco) This is a Morrocan (Red) clay that is best suited for those with dry skin. It not only cleans out your pores, but gives a bit of hydration too!

What I love about clay masks is that you can personalize them to what your skin needs. Here is a a few options you can try out:

*Witch Hazel (calming and antibacterial) 🍃

*Rose Water (calming) 🌹

*Distilled Water (keepin’ it simple) 💦

*Beer (yes beer! it makes it fizzy) 🍺

* Apple Cider Vinegar (antibacterial properties) 🍎

After you apply a clay mask, let it dry and then remove with warm water. Once it’s dry, it has done its job (no need to keep it on longer)  Remember to always moisturize after!

Have fun experimenting!



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