Clean Containers, Clean Face

When I was just a young little thang, I would be adamant about making sure my hair care bottles were always shut tight and free of soapy build up. I was mortified when I found out that not everyone did that…

I will be the first to admit that I am a very clean and tidy person and that rinsing off your shampoo bottles isn’t a common habit.


Keeping your facial care pumps, jars, and misters tightly shut and clean is actually very important! (really, this applies to shampoos and conditioners too😏)


Oxidation is not your skin’s friend. As I am writing this, I am realizing that I need to go a bit more into depth about this topic, but for the sake of my original idea, I will leave it at this.

When you open a product, it is immediately exposed to the air and all of the bacteria surrounding it. When you dip your finger into a jar of moisturizer or a face mask, anything you have touched beforehand, has now transferred to the contents of the jar and then directly applied to your skin. Fantastic! You washed your hands! 👏🏼 What did you use to dry them with? Did you use your hand towel that has been hanging around exposed to bacteria floating around the air? Yup. That’s now in the jar. Maybe you screw the jar shut. maybe you just leave the cap setting on top…all that bacteria now has time to fester inside the jar and get it all nice and gross for your next use.

I am definitely guilty of this. I’m not trying to make you paranoid. However, it is important to be aware of it!

Here are a couple tips to help keep your beauty products as non-infested as possible!

1.) Close the darn lid. Pit the lid back on as soon as you can. The longer your products are exposed to the air, the quicker they will expire.

2.) Use a small spatula to gather your product. ( I prefer one-time use wooden spoons) You can also purchase reusable ones, but you should sanitize them after every use. Store your small spatulas in a glass, airtight container.

3.) Wash your hands. Wash them again for fun!

4.) Wipe off your beauty products with a disinfectant wipe a couple times a week.

5.) Throw away your expired products!

If you are willing to spend good money on your skincare, you should be willing to take care of it. Why buy an $80 serum or $60 face mask and let it make friends with bacteria!? They deserve better and so does your skin!




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